Commitment to a purpose and the pleasure of creation led all those mentioned in the following lines to work together towards this site. You may know some of these people and you may wonder what is so special about them. - Dedication and excellence. They fulfilled the criteria set forth for authors and were hand picked and Invited to write for the website.

Michael Goldfinger, MD: Highly decorated in the US Army, left to teach in a big inner city tertiary care center. Specializes in General Internal Medicine and Lipids.

Frank Friedenderg, MD: One of the most unassuming physicians I have met, heads the endoscopy unit of a large teaching hospital in Philadelphia. Always willing to teach, something that does not surprise me from an ex-chief resident.

Young Nam Kim, MD: An endocrinologist who I found not only knowing every answer but also capable of keeping it simple. He probably does not even know that his name is here.
I admired his BMW too.

Arun Malhotra, MD: My real brother. Off to a great future, writing lead articles in nephrology and hypertension. I see him changing the course of hypertension management. I believe in him.

Varsha Vaidya, MD: Psychiatrist. When I am older (or crazier - whichever comes first), I want her to treat me. Director of Out-patient Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins university in Maryland.

Mandeep R. Mehra, MD, FACC, FACP Chief, Cardiomyopathy and Heart Transplant Center, Vice Chairman, Ochsner Heart & Vascular Institute, Ochsner Clinic Foundation, New Orleans, LA
I cannot believe that he wrote for us. Actually I paid nearly $1000 to go to a course in New Orleans where he was one of the highlights of the course -  in 1998 - before I was board certified. I remember him getting a standing ovation after he was done. I felt myself not paying much attention to the course but more like critiquing the course. His section was undoubtedly one of the two best. The other was from the Rheumatologist. I will try contacting him too.

Poonam Kundra, MD: Leads me to give shape to the site, mother of my two sons, radiologist and researcher - now doing a Family practice residency in Delaware, she gives me the spirit and strength to do this. Now she has started guiding me further with writings - and needs of residents and students.

Myself: Gaurav Malhotra, yes MD of course. Love to do this. I play the role of chief servant, chief editor and chief of correspondence. I opened my own practice after nearly 2 years of working for someone else. August 15, 2000 I declared solo practice and am enjoying every bit of work. Practicing good medicine and hearing patients say: "I have never met a doctor as good as you before". My reply to them is - "because I never went to medical school". With their love and your support, being an Internist is a pleasure. Board certification certainly helps.

Dr. Gopichandran -  Scored over 90th percentile in USMLE. Regularly contributes to the site with great quality questions and explanations. Dedicated to a whole lot more than just clinical or academic medicine.